Merging Image Gallery

October 26th, 2012

Merging Image GalleryThe Merging Image Gallery is an easy-to-install, slick, and light module that displays images by merging all of the images together in the gallery. Click on an image and see the magic. All of the images in the photo gallery merge together creating a bigger image of the image that you select. You can unmerge the images to display the gallery.

It is recommended that all images have exact size to display properly – 650 X 425 pixels.
Each gallery can contain up to 24 images.
Images merge together after you click a specific image.
Can place multiple image galleries on the same page.


1. Give the module a gallery name ID in each new module that is created.
2. Insert your image URLs, one by one, on each line (do not have more than one image URL on the same line).
3. Change the gallery button/image URLs to your liking (optional).
4. Place the module in the ‘debug’ or ‘analytics’ position (depending on your template) of your joomla website, select the pages you want to display the module, and publish the module.
5. To display the image gallery, add a parameter to the URL of any link on your joomla website
6. Click on your modified link and the image gallery will appear!

The ‘debug’ position is the most common position to use the module for most templates. If you are having problems with displaying the module or if the gallery isn’t displaying in the center of the page, contact us and we will be glad to assist.
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