Micro Deal auction Factory

November 19th, 2011

Micro Deal Auction Factory is a scaled down alternative to our flagship extension, Auction Factory.

It works by allowing users to sell services or products at a fixed price throughout the website.
The fixed price is set by the admin and cannot be changed/increased by the users. The users can however post items in a quantity and buyers can purchase one item at a time.

Payment is not done like in an ordinary auction between the buyer and seller, actually, the seller offers his services via the website and all his earnings are kept by the website until he chooses to withdraw the money. The admin is notified whenever a user wants to withdraw an amount.

From the backend, the administrator can set a minimum value at which the seller can withdraw his earnings. A commission can be kept by the website if desired, the commission percent is set by the admin.

On the “Earnings” page the seller can see exactly the commission he will be charged, the minimum amount he can withdraw and also the currency in which deals are made on the website.

Also on the earnings page the user can view his total earnings, total withdrawn and pending withdrawals which the admin has to issue, in a single tab. Two more tabs are available which show his Sold and Bought deals, the email is shown here so that users can get in touch for product delivery. Users can set a finalized deal as Solved after delivery.

In short, Micro Deal Auction Factory allows you, as admin, to:

Set commission for withdrawals
Set a unique price
Set currency
Set minimum withdraw sum
Test your website by using Paypal Sandbox before going live
Manage payments with a simple to use user list, and filter users which have requested payments
Add any number of categories
Publish/unpublish and edit ads
Select between different date formats
Configure pagination for deals, comments and earnings
Set image width and height
Send automated notifications for all actions on the website
Keep a payment log
Easily manage user reports for deal and comments

The user frontend experience is also quite intensive for such a small extension.
When posting deals the user can upload a picture, set start and end date, set a quantity for the item he is selling and also a description and a title. The deals are posted in categories for easy management and browsing. Also there is a quick search by title module.

Besides the comments users can leave on the deal, they can also rate it by using the friendly thumbs up/down system. If a rude deal or comment is posted, other users can report it and the admin will take care of it.