Microsoft Attending SVG Open 2010 Conference

June 9th, 2010

With Patrick fresh off the plane from Brussels (see previous post), this is a great time to share that Patrick and I will be attending the SVG Open 2010 conference late this summer. The theme of this year’s conference is “Ubiquitous SVG.” We’re excited to help make this theme a reality through our continued participation in the W3C SVG Working Group and the broader developer community and with our implementation of SVG in IE9.

SVG Open 2010, the 8th International Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics, will be held in Paris, France from August 30 – September 1, 2010. A day of optional workshops follows on September 2nd.

This will be the second year the IE team has attended SVG Open. Like last year, our primary purpose is to listen and learn. Of particular interest to us is how the community sees SVG evolving in light of HTML5 and CSS3 proposals around transforms, transitions, and animation.

I’ve been asked to present a keynote address which I’ve titled “From Zero to SVG in One Year—SVG 1.1 in Internet Explorer 9.” In it, I’ll describe Internet Explorer 9’s implementation of SVG and share insights from the team’s experience implementing it as part of our GPU-powered HTML5 effort. In addition, Patrick will be delivering a presentation titled “The Future of SVG and HTML5—How SVG Will Impact the Web.”

If you’re able to attend, we look forward to seeing you in Paris at the end of the summer.

Ted Johnson
IE Partner Program Manager for Web Graphics