February 12th, 2012

MightyTouchMightyTouch is the only component with such spacious functionality allowing to create such websites as Facebook, MySpace without efforts.

Component Features list:

User Profiles:
-Personal profile page
-Karma points
-Profile templates
-User relations [Me -> Joe -> Linda -> Dave]

User Lists:
-User list with filters and searches
-Your friends or friends of friend List
-Guests user list

Easily Extendable:
-Create your own user list with your own filters and searches
-Add filters to core user list
-Add blocks to profile
-Add parameters to profile

Modern Features:
-Friend and buddy system
-User groups with unlimited sections (Video, Blog, Music etc…)
-Groups access, moderators, visibility etc…
-Activity log

MightyTouch was developed as a professional solution for businesses.
To make it even more efficient we integrated MightyTouch with few others our components:

Mighty Registration:
Avatar upload, personal info on profile, pre-set some fields with registration data.

Mighty Membership:
Protect profile access, group access or any action on payment basis.

Mighty Resources:
Hits, comments, votes, favourites as link to list of users, increase karma on different actions and register user activity in a section etc…

Mighty Message:
Send messages from profile and any page of Resources.