September 18th, 2012

MijoAnalyticsWant to track and analyze how people use your website ? Tired of jumping here and there between sites (Google Analytics) ? MijoAnalytics component is the solution for you. Easy & Open.

In contrast to services such as Google Analytics, MijoAnalytics stores the data on your server. You can also select a different database from the one that Joomla uses if you don’t want to pump it up.

MijoAnalytics offers different tracking methods such as campaign, e-commerce, conversation (funnels) and action tracking alongside of normal visitor tracking.

With an easy-to-use interface you will be able to analyze how people use your website just like with Google Analytics but without leaving your Joomla site. Moreover, you can monitor all your websites from one MijoAnalytics installation.

★ Data stored in your server
★ Tracking multiple sites
★ Detailed view of your visitors
★ Geo-location lookup of your visitors
★ Campaign and e-commerce tracking
★ Conversion goals with funnels
★ Click heatmaps
★ Mouse movements
★ DOM click tracking
★ All standard statistics reports
★ 20+ multi-dimensional reports
★ Segmentation in reports
★ Joomla plugin to add the tracking code easily
★ Front-end monitoring/management
★ Google Analytics like interface
★ Track any site, doesn’t have to be Joomla
★ Desktop and mobile recognition
★ Stores Joomla user name/email for the visitor if logged in
★ Data export API
★ Javascript & PHP tracking code
★ Asynchronous tracking, faster page loads
★ Object caching
★ Custom variables tracking
★ Action tracking
★ Custom event tracking
★ Open Source

Full Feature List: