mixed VideoPlayer with Image-Slideshow

February 20th, 2013

mixed VideoPlayer with Image-SlideshowIf you want to impress your site visitors, mixed VideoPlayer with Image-Slideshow is the best choice! Is designed to combine in a unic mode a gallery of images with numerous video files support (FLV, MP4 , MOV, Youtube and Vimeo). The image slideshow offers you the possibility to add SPECIAL effects, like “Slide”, “Fade”, “Bright” and “Dark”.


Regular video files (FLV, MP4 , MOV), Youtube and Vimeo support;
Supports images (JPG, PNG, GIF);
Slide, fade, bright and dark transitions;
Four types of shadow;
You can move on the axis x (the distance from the left) and y (the distance from the top) – Each Title, Description and Button;
You can change: Base Color, Alternative Color, Contrast Color, Title Color, Description Color;
You can change font size for: Title, Description, Button, Tooltip and Video;
Enable/Disable or Show/Hide: Each slide, Timer, Thumb Buttons, Sliding Arrows, Play/Pause Buttons, Shadow, Auto Slide;
You can set: Slide Duration for each slide or Default Slide Duration for all slides;
And….much more.