Module Sot K2 Tab Showcase

May 27th, 2012

Module Sot K2 Tab ShowcaseFeature of module Sot K2 Tab Showcase – Support for ‘K2 component’ (

– Sot K2 Tab Showcase is Professional module to show your Categories Like a tab with 5 beauty themes and 3 Effects for images.

– This module is very dynamic for you can config how it display for each theme.

– This module allow you show items like showcase. It support 5 kinds of themes for items that you can select from theme1 to theme5.

– It support 3 effects for show large images (Light box, zoom inside box when hover on images, tooltip).

– It support two kinds of display for tabs (Vertical and Horizontal).

– This module provide you many params that you can use to control how module display (color, size, width).

Introduce Params and Features of this module.

Allow you select categories or section (each category will be one tab).
With ‘article ids’ param you can select ids of items that you want to show in tabs.
Param ‘Display type’ allow you select Tabs is categories or sections.
Module support you to show or not items have no images with param “Show items have no images”.
Support add link for image and title.
Param “Custom URL” support you change link for item with format is :




id1, id2,..,idn are ids of items

Param “Custom add new URL” allow you add multiple link for an item.








You can see Demo link for this param at, one item has multi links.

This module has params allow you set size for images (small thumb and large thumb).
Support 3 effects for show large images (zoom inside box (when hover), light box (when click small images), Tooltip (when hover) ).
Support you use original images. That mean large images won’t be resized.
If you want sort order display of tabs you can use params ‘Sort tabs’. It support you put ids of categories
Support config number items display in each tabs (each category).
Support config number of rows and colums in tabs.
You can change text of readmore link.
Support show readmore link.
Support show created Date.
Support show author.
Support show read times.
You can select type that module display (vertical or horizontal) with param “Select tab type”.
Support 2 select when you want change tab (click or hover).
Support 2 effect display items when change tabs (normal and fade).
Support 5 theme (from 1 to 5).
You can set width for module and box of items (default is ‘auto’).
Support ‘tab background color’.
Support ‘text tab color’.
Support ‘tab actived background color’.