Modules in articles

May 25th, 2012

Publish the plugin and add modules in articles!

The positions are the following:
– article__pos_: where x is a number. The module will be showed in the article that is displayed in x position (in frontpage)
– article__all: shows the module in all articles
– article__id_: show the module in the article with id x
– article__author_id_: where x is the id of the author. Shows the module if the article was created by the user with id x
– article__cat__pos_: shows the module in position y where is showing the category y
– article__sec__pos_: shows the module in position y where is showing the section y

is the position in the artcle. It can be:
– before: shows the module in the beginning of the article
– after: show the module in the end of the article

So, example of position for modules can be:
– article_before_pos_1: shows the module (in the beginning) in the first article when the articles are displayed as blog (in frontpage, for example)
– article_after_id_44: shows the module (in the end) when the article with id 44 is displayed