December 26th, 2011

moJOOMmoJOOM is a joomla extension for mobiles Which displays jomsocial sites in iphone, android and blackberry.

The moJOOM component provides the following features:

* User Profile: Profile landing page provides navigation to feature like Wall, photo gallery, video support, groups, event, messaging, and friends.

*Message: Message is similar to emails in moJOOM. Users can send private message to friends which is only viewable by selected recipient. Message feature includes inbox, outbox and compose.

* Gallery : Gallery gives you facility to view photos and videos. This photos are uploaded from Joomla-Jomsocial webadmin.

* MoJOOM Templates: With three variation of mojoom mobile templates from this package, your site gets a new level of creativity.

* Activity Stream : All users love to know about all recent activities taking place in community at one place such as latest wall posts, blog entries, comments, pictures, and videos shared by the members.

* Friends : Social Networking site is for making lots of new friends, catch old ones and share the same interests with other members. This makes it easy to search friends with specific criteria. All this from mobile!

* More : More contains Groups and Events which makes easier to interact with everyone and will have tremendous growth in membership
->Group :: Group is bunch of members engage in same interest.
-> Event :: Easily manage your events. Event makes members engaged with each other.