Monials Fader

January 15th, 2013

This module is used to add testimonials to your website. You can add unlimited number of testimonials, and the corresponding authors, title and date for it. You can also add images to authors which you won’t find in any similar module. There are lots of customizing options using which you can make this modules look like anything you need.

Features of this module
– Light weight module.
– Unlimited number of testimonials.
– You can add testimonial titles, authors and date to all testimonials. You also have the ability to leave the titles blank. For eg. You can enter titles for 1st and 3rd testimonials and leave the 2nd one blank. This can be done to titles, author names, dates and also to images.
– HTML Tags supported in title and testimonial.
– You can also add images to the authors.
– The Title, author, image for author facilities make the testimonials more comprehensive. There are 8 different styles of layout for image.
– Full control over all display settings.
– Blink/fade effects. Time of fade/blink and waiting time between two testimonials can be specified, according as to how you want the testimonials to appear on the site.
– Next/Prev arrow feature to change testimonials manually.
– Optional footer link.
– Turn on/off quotes image, quote image position setting.
– Ability to add your own quote image.
– You can select fonts of your desire for the testimonials, wide range of options are available (over 65 fonts). Also color, font-size, font-style of the testimonials can be kept as per our wish.
– Easy configuration and self explanatory settings.
– jQuery.noConflict() for safe execution of script without conflicting with other extensions.
– Cross Browser Support, works on all versions of IE(> 6 version) and Mozilla(>2 version)
– W3C valid.