September 26th, 2013

MooAccordionNeed accordions for content items? With this plugin, you can have multiple accordions per page, and even nested accordions are possible with this plugin. Each accordion can be automatically styled from 3 included templates, or using your own custom styles.

The plugin alters existing code on your page, so there is no need to wrap your accordion content with {plugin}…{/plugin} tags. When a visitor arrives without JavaScript, the accordion content is still visible. Native MooTools ensures maximum compatibility with existing Joomla components and content.

Two methods for use:
* Include the required CSS classes and content is automatically made into an accordion.
* Include a {plugin} tag containing configurations for each accordion group you want to customize. Each accordion group within a page can have unique customization, including nested groups.

Set defaults, allow all items to be closed. Include custom css when open, custom css when closed. No content tag restrictions, you can use virtually any tag or group of tags to act as your content container. The only restriction whatsoever is that the toggler cannot be a self-closing tag (wrap it in a div and make the div a toggler!) This plugin has it all.

Version 1.6 adds Joomla 3.0 compatibility
Version 1.8 Fixed mootools param detection issue (Thanks Matt!)
Version 1.9 – add hover option (thanks for the suggestion Alan) + code refinement.

4/26/2012 – Joomla 1.6/1.7 availability and support withdrawn.

Detailed instructions in the plugin description.

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