Moolah E-Commerce

October 25th, 2013

Moolah E-CommerceMoolah provides a single-page, mobile-ready checkout for the sale of premium goods and business services.

Your store will load into the current page of your site, and each step of the check loads smoothly under the previous one. A Moolah store can adjust automatically to whatever device the customer is using, and works with as well with a 4″ screen as it does with a 24″ screen.

You can easily integrate Moolah into any website, including Joomla, WordPress, or even a normal HTML webpage. You can deploy to several sites at one time.

The Moolah package for Joomla includes both a standard component so that you can create menu links to your store, as well as a content plugin so that you can embed parts of your store into an article.