More improvements for Chrome at the office

April 16th, 2013

You probably use a browser throughout the day to access useful information, stay connected with people, and run web apps — at work, at home and on the go. However, browser choice at the office may be determined by your company’s IT team. Today we’re making it easier for companies everywhere to choose Chrome for Business.

First of all, your IT administrator can now configure Chrome to automatically launch an alternate browser when you’re running a web app built for older browsers. If you want to use Chrome at work but rely on some older apps, you can now switch seamlessly between two browsers.

Secondly, if your company runs Google Apps for Business or Education, your administrator can easily set up default apps, browser themes, bookmarks, and more than 100 other settings to sync across all employees’ computers. On your personal laptop at home but need to find that company-wide TPS report cover sheet? No problem — just sign in to Chrome with your work account.

If you want to enjoy the security, speed, and productivity of Chrome at the office, invite your IT team to learn more about these improvements on the Google Enterprise blog.

Posted by Cyrus Mistry, Product Manager and Business Buff