MoWebSo Product Slideshow for VirtueMart 2

October 9th, 2013

MoWebSo Product Slideshow for VirtueMart 2You can define up to 10 images and assign an existing menu item of your Joomla menu or a separate URL to each image.You can define the time interval for image transitions and turn off the automatic image transitions.

You can direct your customers’ attention to certain products. You can decide which products you want to show.

You decide how many products you want to show per image and you define the views you want to have and how you want to call the navigation items. You can assign a different layout to each image view like centered or list style. You can also mix your products in any way you like – independent of the categories to which the products belong in your shop. You decide whether to show the navigation tabs at the top or at the bottom. As an additional feature, you can determine the start view you want to show to your visitors when they call up the website.

Note: You can show / hide every element like product image, price, add to cart button for each view.