MS Control

July 26th, 2013

MS ControlMultisites Control Joomla Component is an admin interface for easy-to-use content, banners and news management from main site to child sites. It allows copying selected database tables or records and content from main site to selected sub sites including FTP support. The file and folder permissions are copied as well.

With this Joomla! multisite management component you can:
* copy content from one site to any others
* update content from one site to any others
* publish and unpublish content from many sites
* delete content from any sites

This Joomla multisite control extension is compatible with K2 content component and JoomFish extension.

Transferring access and language settings of a parent article to a child site are implemented.

The multisites administration extension for Joomla! is easy-to-use:
– To start managing your Joomla! subsites, you should create the list of child sites. Just add them by clicking ‘New site’ and fill in the required data (site info, database info, FTP info).
– To make the management process more efficient, choose the required Multisites Control settings (Choose your news server, Select news section, Autopublish).
– In the Content/Banners/News management sections you can copy the required content to other child sites, publish, unpublish and delete multiply content items. The Banners, News and Content management is identical.