Multi Availability Calendar

December 11th, 2013

Multi Availability CalendarMulti Availability Calendar is designed to edit and display the availability of multiple elements, such as rooms, cars, bikes, seats in entertainment or touristic activities, but also professional availabilities, hairdresser, doctor, lawyer, tutor and many more – allowing to locate available days at first glance. It can also be used to set and display prices for certain ranges of days, for example seasonal prices.

Some of the main features are:

• Supports administration from the backend and from the frontend (this one is optional)

• You can specify who can edit, add and/or delete the events on each calendar’s unit.

• It can be used as a module, component and plugin in the frontend to show the availability of several elements simultaneously;

• You can set the unavailable or busy days in different colors to highlight different reasons, or ranges of busy days.

• You can associate information to each range of days; it will be presented in form of floating panels in the backend and in the frontend if marked as public.

• Uses Ajax technologies, making it comfortable, modern and easy to use.

• Allows to put links on calendar days, so that different dates can link to pages with related information.

• By editing the CSS files you can adjust the look & feel of the calendar.