Multi Calendar

December 26th, 2013

Multi CalendarMulti-View Calendar is a Calendar that allows to show events and information associated to specific dates in several ways. It has various visualization options and predefined color schemes and multiple views. The main features are:

• Multiple visualization modes: Daily View, Weekly View, Monthly View, Multi-Month View.

• Several configuration options from the Joomla backend.

• You can let users to edit the calendar information from the frontend.

• The information associated to a date can be shown in a floating panel over the date when viewing the calendar in the Multi-Month View.

• The dates can be linked to other webpages and optionally you can pass the related date as a parameter to those pages. This feature can be used only from the calendar Multi-Month View.

• You can select which of the calendar buttons you want to show/hide.

• It’s available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

• Already includes 23 predefined color schemes. You can also edit the CSS files if needed.

• Can be setup to display only the weekdays needed (Ex: from Monday to Friday).

• Drag and drop feature added to move events between cells.

• Can be setup to use a 12 or 24 hour clock.

• Ajax-based administration – no need to reload the page.

• Includes User Permissions Management: You can select which users can add, edit and/or delete events in the front-end if the “Edition mode” is enabled.

• You can create, edit and delete color palettes. Color palettes can be assigned to calendars.

• Includes an optional “User Plugin” to automatically create a calendar each time a new user is registered. The calendar can be assisgned to the registered user so he/she can manage his/her own calendar.

• Uses the popular jQuery library to render the calendar.

• This free version is limited to 5 events and includes a back link to the developer.