Multi Media Box

August 28th, 2013

Multi Media BoxMultimedia Box 3.0 is Joomla 1.6.x and up plugin that plays videos and stream video files from social sites in lightbox javascript effect. You can also show single images or image galleries, inline content, ajax content and web pages. This version of Multimedia Box for Joomla is enhanced with Mediabox Advanced script from which gives you more video power and sleek new style to catch the eye of your visitors

08.28.2013 Version 3.0.5 * Load mbox in intro text
11.07.2012 Version 3.0.4 * Joomla 3.0 and MediaboxAdvanced update
11.04.2012 Version 3.0.3 * Don’t run in admin fix – J1.7 and up
09.04.2012 Version 3.0.2 * Mbox frontpage fix – J1.7 and up
07.14.2011 Version 3.0.1 * Ie8 Bug fix – J1.7 and up
07.14.2011 Version 1.0.2 * Ie8 Bug fix – J1.5
05.01.2011 Version 1.0.1 * Ie7 Bug fix – J1.5