Multi-tabs Scroller for Virtuemart

February 19th, 2013

Multi-tabs Scroller for VirtuemartDo you wish to get more eyeballs to your featured products that sell more than others. Virtuemart Multi-tabs scroller will help present your products in a really exciting way. You can easily display your featured products in style. Multi-tabs is suitable for online stores who showcase featured items on their homepage or elsewhere.

Eye-candy products animation
You get a very smooth moving products animation on your homepage block, this will help increase your product sales for sure.

No Limit for space
As VM Multi-tabs allows animated auto-scrolling and user controls, you can use it with limit size spaces and place more products on your showcase. Your users will be attracted towards nicely moving featured products.

Easier Product Management
You can easily specify your products and tabs. It allows you to either provide Virtuemart Product IDs or even Product SKUs if you find that easier.

Multi-Lingual Support for products
It allows you to use Joomla multi-language feature using language files (.ini) and easily create keywords for your TAB names in any number of language you use on your website.

Built with optimised coding
The module is built with optimised HTML, and javascript with jQuery Library. It makes sure that your web rankings are maintained well.