Multimedia Banner Rotator

November 10th, 2011

Multimedia Banner RotatorThis Joomla!® module is created to load Images, Swf and Flv files in a nice and simple way with the help of an intuitive Administration Panel . It can be also used like a cool gallery with different types of slides for your awesome website.


*Perfect Resizable by setting the Width and Height of the module.
*Autostart Option: On/Off.
*You can set module’s background color and transparency.
*3 Transition Types for every slide:Brightness, Fade and Darkness.
*All the text’s colors and sizes changeable.
*All colors for the banner’s links changeable.
*All the Navigation buttons customizable (color, background color) .
*All the Video Player’s buttons customizable ( see our screenshots).
*The Description Box customizable ( color , transparency,position etc.) .
*You can set slide duration from a slide by slide setting.
*All the settings are also explained in the backend of the module.You can show/hide every slide you want.