MultiText Content Selector for Multi Sites

February 5th, 2012

It allows you to display different content on shared items across your Multi Sites (Articles, Virtuemart Products etc.)

This means you could for example have several online shops selling the same products, and use different product descriptions on each one for SEO purposes, whilst still sharing the database of customers, prices, orders and stock levels.

You just wrap your content in the MultiText syntax, specifying the ID of the slave site you want it to display on and your content will only appear on that site.

Wrap the content you want to restrict in the following syntax:


Replace MULTISITES_ID with your actual site ID as set in JMS Multi-Sites or set it to “master” to display on your master site only.

For example:

{multitext=master}This text is only displayed on the master site.{/multitext}
{multitext=mysecondstore}This text is only displayed on the slave site with the ID “mysecondstore”.{/multitext}

This Plugin requires JMS Multi-Sites.