August 27th, 2013

MultiTierMultiTier is an advanced online marketing tool for Joomla based websites wich allows you to create your own affiliate network and promote your website (bussines) fast and easy.

MultiTier will help increase your web sites traffic volume. You can reward your partners on a different basis.

Current Version: 3.1

– Supports unlimited levels of partner tracking. With a multi-tier partner program your partners are not only rewarded for sending you traffic, but also for sending you new partners who then send you traffic.
– Flexible Commissions. MultiTier supports per click, per page view, per partners brought, per registration. Each partner can support one or all types plus different types of bonus.
– Bonus Commissions. Bonus commissions can be given to partners for a number of page views, number of clicks, new partners reffered or new registrations.
– Unlimited number of banners, text links and email creative
– Advanced Reporting – MultiTier offers numerous advanced reports on a daily basis to help you measure partners performance.
– Send Marketing Emails in HTML or Text format to your partners.