Music Battle Factory

August 9th, 2012

Music Battle Factory is our solution for online battles between songs or other sounds.

Users upload songs with a corresponding image and then the battles can start. Site users can set a title and description for their songs, and if the administrator permits, the songs can also be categorized and battles can then be held within specific categories.

Extension features:

* Songs approval system
* Guest voting and uploading (if allowed)
* Two integrated audio players (JWPlayer and JPlayer)
* File size limit
* Pagination settings
* Voting Interval
* Categories and Category constrained battles
* Image sizes
* Watermark for pictures
* Comments with approval system
* Song and comment reporting
* Multiple notifications for the users and admin
* Terms and Conditions for uploads
* Battles and comments reset
* and many more…

An approval system is in place and also reporting for songs and comments. The admin reviews the content and takes appropriate action from the Joomla Administrator.