December 19th, 2013

My MSGMy MSG is the component and module that user can send message between each other within the website. By using My MSG, user can send, read, mange message and setting via Front-End. Also it can work well with My Content & Workflow when Approval Request is given permission form My Content & Workflow. Allowed user that has the right to publish will be able to receive the message.

– Support My Content & Workflow
– Display personal messages of each users.
– Send personal message to others.
– Change status the message as read when you click to read message.
– Set your own configuration by yourself.
– Search the messages.
– Delete messages by yourself.
– Select user to receive a message when the Content gets approval request by choosing from a group of user or specified user by the id / name.

Update v2.3.1
^ Changed admin dashboard interface.

Update v2.3
+ Added config select user group for receive message.

Update v2.2
+ Added compatible with CCK bridge plugin
+ Added plugin bridge support com_zoo v3.1.2

Update v2.1.1
^ Changed permission registered group can access, Create, Edit State and Delete message to default.

Update v2.1
^ Changed to package for one install/Uninstall.
+ Added support Joomla! 3.x
+ Write messages with editor.
^ Move remaining words to language file.
# Fixed pagination display.
+ Mark as Read the messages status automatic when read.

Released v2.0
+ Added package