My toolbar!

September 28th, 2011

My Toolbar! is a toolbar written just for Joomla! it is NOT a 3rd party toolbar that you will embed in your site, it is installed through normal joomla installer as module and is completely contained within your site under YOUR control.

It features built in Jomsocial and community builder controls (you need to be logged in to see these) plus the abilty to create you own buttons to link to any part of your site or you can easily create controls for your favourite components.

With My Toolbar! you can create your icons for the buttons which should be 16x16px, you can name the buttons and create the text for the tooltip along with a URL to where the button will link to.

The toolbar comes with 24 icons for the buttons but if you create your own simply upload them to the icon folder.

You can also create your own Logo it should 80x16px and should be uploaded to the images folder within the module.

Because the toolbar is a module you can set it to appear on certain pages, using this method you can create a separate toolbar for every page on your site, if you check out our forum page you can see that I have set up some forum controls for it.

With My Toolbar! you can make people who visit you site find their way around easily by setting up important buttons to pages you would most like them to see, there is also built in share buttons for both facebook and twitter.