July 4th, 2011

New version myFlickr 1.01 released (see details below)!

myFlickr – Joomla Content Plugin is easy-to-use tool to embed photos from on to Joomla pages.

Full list of plugin properties:



Everybody needs always something a little bit else. That’s what I was thinking while developing this plugin. I tried to focus mainly on flexibility and customization options so that it would be easily adapted to any website and ready for extension. Main parts, that plugin is composed of, are separate and therefore independent when it comes to further development. So this version of the plugin is more of what is possible. What next? It’s somewhat up to you 🙂

Main features:

  • different photo feeds (user, groups, photosets, recently added on Flickr, custom search)
  • different display methods ( simple lists and complex galleries )
  • 3 different gallery styles. 2 jQuery-powered: Fancybox, Colorbox and 1 customizable >generic< gallery
  • resize option
  • place to write and assign own JavaScript gallery handler
  • display random image option
  • predefined styles of thumbsnails
  • capability to display in columns
  • links to
  • toggle title option
  • support for gallery pagination

Changes in myFlickr 1.01

new, better, even more, flexible

1) Search!

New advanced feed option called search. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to get images that >exactly< fit your expectations.

  • Narrow your results to the user, group, upload dates, taken dates
  • Search based on tags, title, description
  • Sort your result based on different criteria

2) Display more!

Ability to add captions to the thumbnails in your galleries:

  • title
  • description
  • picture details like date, author, tags
  • Link to the Flickr page of a given photo

In different combinations and style options.

3) Choose if jQuery should be loaded or not.

…and many minor fixes and code-improvements 😉

If you have any ideas about what should appear in the new version (changes, new features, basically anything on your mind ) please contact me via a forum or write your suggestions here. Criticism is welcome!