Nearby Entries for SobiPro

May 19th, 2013

Nearby Entries for SobiProSobipro Nearby Entries is a module that easily displays other entries geographically near any specific entry within that SobiPro section! This is an easy way to show what is nearby!

The SobiPro Nearby Entries Module will provide you the opportunity to show a list of nearby SobiPro entries based on the location of the current SobiPro entry. This is a great tool which will make your website more efficient and enjoyable for your visitors.

Sometimes showing one SobiPro entry detail page is not enough. We may need to show visitors what else is around that area in an easy to see format. This is easy now because the SobiPro Nearby Entries Module will make the entry’s detail page display information about what else is in that area. If your SobiPro entries are geolocated using latitude and longitude, nearby attractions around that entry location will be listed into the What’s Nearby Module!

The SobiPro Nearby Entries Module is a Joomla 1.5 / 2.5 extension. Based on the parameters set in the backend module administration interface, when the visitors access the detail view of a SobiPro entry the module will display a list with entries which are geolocated in the vicinity of the active entry.

Requirements : To use the SobiPro Nearby Entries Module you must have the SobiPro entries geolocated. Usually this is done by fetching the coordinates for them from the postal address of the entry (zipcode, street, country … etc). You can do that using MyJoom Geocode Factory or if you are SobiPro silver level club member you can use Sigsiu’s SobiPro field called ‘Geomap’.