Netbase Save Cart for Virtuemart

June 19th, 2013

Many Virtuemart shoppers just want to save their Choice of products and come back later to do Check Out with their Saved Cart. This should be a core functions of Virtuemart, and today Netbase releases this plugin to improve your Virtuemart 2.x.x store with this functions.

This function works more likely a Add to Wish List, but on saved products in your cart in stead on products.

How it works:

– Shopper can add products into their cart as normal, and products will be display on Save Cart Module

– At the Save Cart module, shoppers can Save Cart Data into his Virtuemart Profile

– At the Save Cart module, shoppers can Send Email the Save Data to any email address he want.

– If the shoppers has not log-in, the module will ask the shopper to Register or Log-in before can Save cart.

– The Save cart module support Ajax effect on Save cart session, so you do not have to reload the pages while cart is saved into Virtuemart shopper profile

– Only shopper profile can see his save cart data in his front end profile

– A profile can save UNLIMITED Cart into his profile, and can restore any time

– The restore save cart will replace current save cart ( if have), so you can check out with you previsous save cart restored.

– Shopper can put a name for each Cart when he save it, so he know clearly the purpose of his cart

This plugin, in fact, will install a plugin + a module into your Joomla Virtuemart. You WILL NOT HAVE TO DO any template change / core Virtuemart file hack.

How to set up:

Step 1: install the plugin as normal Joomla installation

Step 2: publish the plugin and publish the module into your position

Step 3: go to your menu, create a new Virtuemart Menu ( link to Virtuemart -> Account Maintenance)

Step 4: go to front end joomla, add a product into Virtuemart cart, and you will see the Save Cart Module all the functions of this plugin.


– Add delete save cart function – your customer can refresh their cart.

– 5 COLORS AVAILABLE( Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Gray) suitable for many different types of website sales – Virtuemart admin can choose in admin panel.

– Fixed many issues with JS and PHP bug in VM2 profile view.

– Compatible with Joomla 2.5.9 and Virtuemart 2.0.8+

– Work fine in IEs (7,8,9,10), Firefox (3.5, 14+), Chrome 20+


Please log-in as : usename: demo_cmsmart – pass:demo123

Please save some products into your cart to see how it work