Netbase VM Multiple Product Image Upload

June 19th, 2013

Have more than 1 photos/images for your Virtuemart products, and want to have a super fast tool to 1 click upload all others images to your main images? Then this plugin is right for your choice.

Thousands of Virtuemart shop owners looking to improve the multiple product images upload, and with this plugin, they can easily go to “Image Tap” in Product Detail and upload multiple images to the main product images just by 1 click.

– Compatible with Virtuemart V2.x and Joomla 1.7; Joomla 2.5

– The only solution on the market for multiple image upload for Virtuemart V2.x

– Chose multiple images at the same time, and upload all automatically

– Can cancel any image during upload process

– Automatically create thumbnail for uploaded photos

– Super fast, no hassle bug. Forum and developer support

– 100% no hack into any Virtuemart file. Just install the plugin as normal Joomla plugin and publish it. Enjoy the function!

– All the upload images will be display in the Tab “Product Images”, you do not have to come back to product listing -> media management. Save big times and get very convinient

Note: The Multiple Upload Button will only be active after you saved the new product 1 time, first time add new product, the button will not appear.