Netbase Youtube for Virtuermart plugin

June 19th, 2013

Netbase Youtube for Virtuermart pluginMany Virtuemart shop owners wonders “How to insert Youtube video” or “How to embed Youtube into Virtuemart product discription”.

Of course there is some ways to hack Virtuemart core files, or install othe Youtube plugin for Joomla contents in order to make it work with Virtuemart. But none of this solution really save you times and make the Youtube update simple.

With Netbase Youtube for Virtuemart plugin, you just need to install the plugin like a normal Joomla plugin, publish it and now you can easily copy and past Youtube links into your Virtuemart discription without doing any hack.

To ensure the plugin is compatiple with all Virtuemart version, this plugin is Virtuemart plugin which works on Custome Fields of Virtuemart version 2.x.x.

How to install and use:

Step 1: Download and install plugin via Joomla installation process

Step 2: Publish the plugin via Joomla plugin manager

Step 3: Come to VM -> Products -> Custome Field -> Create a new fields name Youtube and chose Youtube plugin in “ Select a plugin” -> Save.

…. Step 1 – 3: is just 1 time install and configuration, you will not to do it again.

Step 4: Go into each product -> Cutome Fields tab -> Chose Youtube from Custome Field list -> Copy the Youtube URL, type Title and adjust the width and highth of you Youtube if need

Save it and you will see the youtube in product description.