November 19th, 2013

NetSukiiDo you use Joomla? Do you wish you could get loads of great content – from anywhere on the web?

Welcome to NetSukii.

We designed NetSukii to grab web content remotely from literally any internet source.

Want to start your own news channel? Try the power of NetSukii with your favourite online newspaper.

Think it’d be cool to run a reviews site? Point NetSukii at a great reviews site, sit back, and let the content build.

Need to migrate your dynamic website to Joomla? Tell NetSukii where your site is, grab your content, and you’re good to go.

From remote website to Joomla article in 3…2…1…

NetSukii is intelligent. Once you tell it the site you want to import, it’ll go and spider it, to discover all available pages. Spidering usually takes around 3 seconds per page, or faster if the remote server will handle it.

Once the spidering’s complete you can use the inbuilt filter to select the pages you want to import, or if you prefer, just import them individually.

Each remote page is grabbed, complete with images and related downloads, and saved as a complete, native Joomla article.

It just doesn’t get easier than that.

More! More!

Ok, it does get easier than that.

Because NetSukii has template detection.

If you don’t want to import the entire page, along with the original menus and framework, you don’t have to. NetSukii’s inbuilt template detection system will allow you to select exactly which content you want to keep, and which you want to throw out.

This way NetSukii will simply lift the content you want to keep, leaving behind any old menus and headers.

Just look at what you get!

* Scan, spider and import any remote website
* Set it and forget it – automated spidering available
* Import each new page as a native Joomla! article
* Automatically set the article title, alias, keywords and description from metatags
* Automatic detection and import of remote images and documents
* Automatic conversion to UTF-8 encoding for optimal Joomla integration
* Support for all charsets, languages and encoding types
* Automatic category creation to maintain your original link structure
* Select additional article parameters such as author and access level
* Select and reject feature to only import specific areas of content
* Full control – customise import configuration for each individual URL
* Powerful inbuilt HTML clean up,tidying, repair and validation
* Inbuilt W3C Validation engine
* Full documentation
* Lifetime updates
* Full satisfaction guarantee
* Certified for Joomla 2.5 & 3