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September 14th, 2012

The new Case studies section on has been built and launched. You may not have noticed, since the look of the homepage hasn’t changed, but the case studies have a new home with a new look. This has been a multi-layered effort involving the Drupal Association web team and several community volunteers.

screenshot of case studies page

Now we need some great new case study content. We’re looking to feature Drupal sites that have one or more of these qualities:

  • Well-maintained
  • Visually appealing custom theme
  • Stand out for performance optimization, interaction, customization, accessiblity or third-party integration
  • Positive and inspiring examples for business owners, site builders and developers to learn from

You can help by writing a case study on your own impressive project, or volunteer your time as a reviewer of case studies.

Why write a case study?

Here’s a few reasons:

  • Promote a great Drupal site; show the world what Drupal can do
  • Recognize your team members for their hard work
  • Recognize maintainers of the contributed modules that you’ve used
  • Excellent case studies can be promoted to the Featured section and appear on the front page of!

To get started, go to From here you can see the types of sites that have been promoted, check out the case study guidelines, and submit your own case study.

Help us maintain case studies

The Case studies section (as is most content) maintenance is handled by volunteers. You don’t need to be a programmer or have special knowledge to help out with case studies, just have good judgement and English language/grammar skills.

Regular tasks include:

  • Write case studies for your own projects or for others
  • Find Drupal sites that deserve to be featured on
  • Review requests to be promoted to Featured, suggesting improvements as needed, e.g.
    • copy improvements
    • taxonomy terms
    • screenshots
  • review Community case studies for adherence to case study guidelines, as well as for spam posts and comments

Useful links:

Guidelines for writing a case study:
Guidelines for case study promotion review:
Requests for promotion to Featured section have a tag case study promotion, just open issue queue and start reviewing!

If you have questions or need some guidance – come to #drupal-marketing IRC channel on Freenode.

Case study sprint at DrupalCamp Brighton

If you happen to be at the DrupalCamp Brighton this weekend, join case study sprint on Sunday.

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