New Drupal 7 book by David Mercer

September 20th, 2010

Drupal 7 book coverFollowing the success of its predecessor, Building powerful and robust websites with Drupal 6, Packt Publishing announces Drupal 7, an updated and revised version of the original book by David Mercer written specifically for Drupal 7. The book is written for Drupal 7 beginners or newcomers to Drupal in general and will help help anyone to create and operate any type of website quickly and efficiently.

This book provides a great way to learn and master Drupal 7, enabling you to create virtually any type of website. It meets the booming demand for well presented, clear, concise, and above all practical information on how to design and build sites like a pro. By clearly and concisely demonstrating the fundamentals of Drupal in combination with practical and methodical coverage of more advanced subjects, this book paves the way for anyone to quickly become proficient at building and operating professional websites.

150 quiz questions and exercises will help you to consolidate and expand on what you learn in the book. readers are also entitled to a 20% promotional discount when ordering through Packt. Make sure you provide the discount code (Drupal7book20) upon purchase to receive the discount.

Remember that, as with all Packt books, a percentage of the revenue from each book sold will go to support the open source technology on which the book is based – in this case, the proceeds will benefit the Drupal Association.

What you will learn from this book

How to:

  • Plan and consider various design aspects of your site
  • Install, set up, and configure a Drupal development machine
  • Find your way around the vast array of Drupal settings with ease
  • Add and work with modules to enhance your website’s functionality
  • Control and manage content
  • Master content layout and display with Views and Panels
  • Work with any type of media
  • Deal with security issues, users, and access control
  • Implement a customized interface for your website
  • Add powerful new features and learn advanced techniques
  • Deploy, manage, and maintain your website

From the author

It’s a testament to the vastly improved usability of Drupal 7 that I was able to substantially condense the introductory material, expand on the more advanced topics and introduce exciting new topics. This latest incarnation of my series of Drupal books, while still firmly aimed at beginners, tackles a wider range of topics and does so in more depth. For example, Views gets its own chapter, as does media, the theming chapter has been completely rewritten to include stuff like template overriding, and all the new goodies that come with Drupal 7 are covered.

In effect, the improvements to Drupal 7 itself have allowed me to make corresponding improvements to the new book.

This time round, I’ve also included a whole bunch of marked online quizzes (to test your knowledge) as well as plenty of online exercises (to help expand on what you learn in the book).

If I’ve done my job right you should find this book not only provides a solid knowledge base, but also turns you into an adaptable and resourcesful webmaster who can accomplish just about anything.

Praise for David Mercer’s previous titles

This is one of the best book purchases I’ve ever made! After struggling to find good online tutorials that cover the basics well, I found this book. I feel confident that, by the time I work my way through this book, I will have a working proficiency with Drupal and can begin to build my own feature rich sites. – Jay

This is a good book to read even if you read Drupal 5 by the same author/publisher. It is a beginning level book but covers the new features nicely. This book assumes you do not know HTML or PHP. – David A. Shaver

This book has been wonderful. It is well versed and easy to understand. It gives the basics on Drupal and I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to set up a Drupal site. I am impressed with the author’s ability to break down the basics in easy to understand sections. He takes it one step at a time and makes it easy to copy and initiate each section with lots of illustrations and hints. – R. Todd