New Drupal Book – Drupal Web Services

December 6th, 2010

Packt Publishing announces the publication of Drupal Web Services by Trevor James.

This book covers efficient Drupal Web services that help you to speed up your connections to Web applications. It will compel you to learn more and more about Web services and use them to easily share data and content resources between different applications and machines. This book also covers the usage of each Web service for different purposes. It provides step-by-step instructions on integrating Web services and Web applications with your Drupal powered Web site.

Drupal Web services will show you how to work with all kinds of Web Services and Drupal. The book shows you how to integrate content into your site; add multimedia and video to your site using video services including CDN2 and Kaltura. You will learn how to prevent spam using CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA, and Mollom. You will also learn to explore the different types of Web services Drupal offers and can integrate with using the Services module and XML-RPC. Next, you will learn to push content from Google documents, deploying this text and image-based content as Drupal nodes.

Next you’ll integrate your site with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and show how to post content from Drupal to these social networking applications automatically. At the end you will be enlightened with authentication methods for integrating Web services with Drupal.

What you will learn from this book:

  • Become well versed with Drupal Web services and Web service integration.
  • Integrate the Flickr photo-sharing app with your Drupal site.
  • Integrate content with your Drupal site so you can serve your site users a rich e-commerce based experience.
  • Get real-time shipping quotes from FedEx and integrate these with your Ubercart powered shopping cart.
  • Add video content to your Drupal site using CDN2 and Kaltura.
  • Install and configure the Drupal Services module.
  • Prevent spam submissions using CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA and Mollom.
  • Deploy Google document content to your Drupal site via XML-RPC.
  • Pick any Drupal content and post it to Twitter.
  • Integrate Facebook with Drupal using the Drupal for the Facebook module.
  • Discuss Drupal Web service authentication methods to enhance your site security.


A practical hands-on guide to integrating Web services with your Drupal Web site. It will start from a basic understanding of web services to how your Drupal site can be integrated with web applications using web services.

Who this book is written for

If you’re are a Drupal user, webmaster, or an administrator who wants to integrate Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, Kaltura and Mollom with your Drupal site then this book will be a good addition to your Drupal library.

You do not need to have programming experience to use this book. Drupal Web Services is written for anyone who works with Drupal on a daily basis.

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Packt Publishing has secured an exclusive 20% discount for you when you buy through Enter the following discount code at checkout in the shopping cart: DrupalWeb20 (case sensitive). As with all of Packt’s Drupal books, Packt donates a percentage of every Drupal book sale directly to the Drupal Association.

You can purchase the book here.

Want a Sample?

To help promote the content provided within this book, Packt is generous enough to provide two sample articles (chapter excerpts) from the book:

About the author

Trevor James is a Drupal consultant and Web developer based in Middletown, MD, USA. Trevor has been designing websites for 13 years using a combination of HTML, XHTML, CSS, and ColdFusion, and has been using Drupal intensively for over 3 years. Trevor’s focus is on building Web portals for education, non-profit, medical systems, and small business environments.

He is interested in best methods of integrating Web services with Drupal sites, Drupal site performance, and using CCK, Views, and Panels to develop front-end interfaces to support data-intensive websites.

He loves teaching people about Drupal and how to use this excellent open source content management framework.

Trevor co-authored the Packt title Drupal 6 Performance Tips, published in February, 2010.

Trevor created an 11+ hour video tutorial series titled Introduction to Drupal 6 for VTC (Virtual Training Company) in 2009. The video is available via the VTC website here: