New W3C Membership level aimed at organizations with medium range revenues

February 14th, 2019

Over the past several years the W3C Business Development team has heard from a number of mid-sized companies that while they are very interested in participating in W3C the Membership Fees were too high for them to justify. That was compounded by several conversations members of the W3C Team had with organizations in our newest vertical – Publishing. Many of the drivers in that vertical are in this category and had said a new level would be attractive for them. Based on this, we ran between Feb 2018 and Feb 2019 an experimental Membership level aimed at public organizations that have revenues in the medium range to see if the new level would, in fact, attract Members.

Our goal was to get eight new Members in that time and we’ve reached that goal! The organizations that have joined are Geotab (Automotive), Macmillan Learning (Publishing), Media Do Holdings (Publishing), New Relic, Inc. (Security), The Paciello Group (upgraded!), Ping Identity (Identity), SportTotal (Media) and W. W. Norton (Publishing). As you can see we have a diverse set of industries represented by these organizations and you’ll see them in various groups around W3C. Based on this success we have made this a permanent level and as organizations apply for Membership they will see this option.

This Membership Fee is available for existing Members as well if they qualify (it is designed for public organizations that have revenues between $50M and $500M USD, or equivalent in the other currencies of W3C Hosts). If you are interested in this, or have any questions or comments please contact J. Alan Bird, W3C Global Business Development Leader.