News Content Slider

December 18th, 2012

News Content SliderThe News Content Slider Module is the best content showcase / slider solution on the Joomla market.
News Content Slider Module can fetch and display your Joomla! contents, articles items by any category in any module position.
You can use it as a front page script to show latest news, top articles, contents by category, content titles, big and intro images with smart and fancy way.
Supports multiple categories, articles, contents, buttons & links items, slideshow, carousel slider, advanced configuration with smart filters and slider animation options.


Can display news and articles by any category in a smart and fancy way.
Can list latest, top, popular articles from specified category.
Advanced configuration / administration areas with smart filtering, button events, slider animation and speed options…etc.
Multiple Buttons, Links Let you to choose, hover, link, slide your contents, titles, images items.
Slideshow support.
Carousel slider options.
Advanced customizable, configurable properties.
Internationalization, Multi Language Support (English & Greek Language ini files).
This is evolving extension, we frequently add new functionality per customer requests.
Fast and reliable support.
Strong community. Don’t limit your fantasy, join thousands of happy customers.
Help Documentation.

You can see application demo here :

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