News Tab

May 10th, 2013

News TabOur newstab module allows you to display links to your Joomla news articles in a series of tabs, a format popular with many news websites.

The tabs can be displayed in either horizontally across the top of the module, or vertically down the site of the module. You can have as many instances of the module on a page as you wish.

A simple application of this module would be to display ‘latest’, ‘popular’ and ‘featured’ articles using three tabs. However this module is extremely flexible, and is capable of far more than that. You can display up to 8 tabs (if you have the space), and each tab can display any of the following types of content:-

* latest (most recently modified or created)
* popular (most hits)
* featured (articles specified by list of id’s)
* random
* author (articles by selected list of authors)
* profiled (JomSocial/Mighty Touch integration – show articles by currently profiled user)
* section (section or list of sections)
* category (category or list of categories)

You can also filter all the results by specfied categories or sections, or you can use the current category or section. For example, if you wish you can show the latest, popular and featured articles for whichever category is currently being viewed.

In addition to the links you can choose to show an extract of the article text, plus an image thumbnail. The module is so flexible that it can be used to show the entire article introtext, and can even trigger content plugins.

Due to popular demand the module now includes support for K2 as well as the Joomla core content component and Mighty Extensions Resources

The module uses the Mootools javascript library, which is the official Joomla library. So there are no additional javascript downloads required. It is compatible with all versions of Mootools, and can co-exist with extensions that require other javascript libraries such as JQuery.


The latest release includes a choice of transition effects (slide, fade and none) and a choice of tab styles.