News xml rss feed scroll

August 30th, 2013

News xml rss feed scroll Joomla module will create the message scroll in the website. In the admin we have option to enter RSS link. the given RSS link title scroll vertically in the website front end. with this module we can create the vertical text scroll gallery in the website. Also we have option to customize text color and scroll speed etc.

Features of this plugin

1. Easy to customize.
2. No coding knowledge required.
3. Option to change scroll direction.
4. We can use all standard RSS feed (Except blogger).

Demo :

Module parameters (Update option available in the admin)

Feed URL: Enter Feed URL. ( enter RSS link or XML feed )
Font: Enter Font Name. ( e.g verdana,arial,sans-serif )
Font Size: Font Size. ( e.g 11px )
Font Weight: Enter Font Weight. ( e.g normal / blod )
Font Color: Enter Font Color. ( e.g #000000 )
Width: Module Width. ( e.g 180 )
Height: Module Height. ( e.g 100 )
Direction: Scroll Direction. ( 0=down-up; 1=up-down )
Slide Timeout: Slide Timeout. ( e.g 3000 )
Text Align: left / center / right
Text Align: top / middle / bottom