Nice Content Access

October 14th, 2013

Get Nice Content Access, the most easy to use, flexible, granular, content access control extension available for Joomla.

The Nice Content Access extension gives you the power to control the display of premium content anywhere on your Joomla page. Whether your premium content is in the middle of an article, module, or in a template file, with Nice Content Access you have the power to control which user groups see your content. In addition, you can set specific user groups to exclude and set alternative content to be displayed to restricted user groups.

The Nice Content Access extension is easy to implement. Simply configure a Nice Content Access item in the administrative control panel. Then place a Nice Content Access tag, with the item id, where you want the content to appear for your specified user groups. The tag will be automatically be replaced by the appropriate content.

Example tag within article content.

This is the beginning of a sample article.


This is the end of the sample article

Example display to Registered users

This is the beginning of a sample article.

This is content to be displayed to the Registered user groups only.

This is the end of the sample article

Get the Nice Content Access extension and get full granular control over your content access permissions.

* Joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 & 3.x compatible.
* Full granular control over content display to user groups.
* Easy management using the administrator component control panel
* Uses Joomla ACL
* Works with custom Joomla user groups
* No Joomla core hacks
* Specify multiple “allowed” user groups
* Specify multiple “excluded” user groups
* Displays content to “allowed” user groups
* Option to display alternative content to restricted user groups.
* Enable and disable content items.
* Supports unlimited content items
* Compatible with most third party extensions.
* Language support.
* Included translations: English

Release version 1.06 changes:
* Joomla 3.x compatible.

Release version 1.07 changes:
* Corrected for Joomla’s change to DS constant.

Release version 1.08 changes:
* Resolved $ symbol content replacement issue.