Nice Google Checkout

February 25th, 2013

Nice Google CheckoutThe Nice Google Checkout Plugin is a hot little e-commerce solution for those that want a shopping cart system on their Joomla! web site, but don’t want all the headache that is involved with a lot of those larger, over-bloated shopping cart extensions. Nice Google Checkout is lightweight, flexible and easy to use. Add a tag in any article content, {nicecheckout:type|item price|item title|image URL|shipping price} e.g {nicecheckout:14.50|Joomla T-Shirt||2.50}, and Nice Google Checkout will replace the tag with a product listing all laid out and ready to go.

We also thought that you might like a cart to go with your product listings. So we packed the Google Cart system into this plugin as well. Once enabled, the Google Cart floats in the upper right hand corner of the browser and is available on every page of the site for easy access by your e-customers. We put a lot of thought in building the Nice Google Checkout Plugin. Download it and start selling today. We know your going to love this plugin.

*Please note that Google currently only offers Google Checkout service to U.S. and U.K. merchants.

Features include:
* Joomla 1.5-3.x Compatible
* Compatible with K2
* Integrated with the Google Checkout Shopping Cart system.
* Creates a floating shopping cart on site pages for easy access by your e-customers.
* Creates product listings, in-line with any article content, by replacing a simple tag that you enter when editing the article body.
* Support for product images.
* Set the item purchase amount.
* Set the item name.
* Supports product attributes (drop down menus) and variable pricing options.
* Optionally set an amount for shipping the item.
* Optionally use your Google Checkout account settings to calculate shipping.
* Optionally set per item weight in pounds or kilograms for account based shipping calculations.
* Optionally set a free shipping for purchases exceeding a specified dollar amount.
* Optionally set Google Checkout cart to remain hidden when it is empty.
* Supports tax (tax preferences are set with in your Google Checkout account).
* Set your preferred currency code, includes both Google supported currencies, USD & GBP.
* Set plugin to test mode, point Nice Google Checkout to your Google Checkout sandbox account.
* Exposed CSS for stylizing most Nice Google Checkout Plugin elements.
* Language support for administrative area.

Release version 1.49 changes:
* Internet Explorer 9 issue resolved.

Release version 1.50 changes:
* Joomla 2.5 Compatible
* Streamlined upgrade installation for Joomla 1.6 – 2.5
* Added ability to include a text input field for product options.

Release version 1.53 changes:
* Joomla 3.x Compliant