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June 3rd, 2010

I hope all of you aren’t tired of testing just yet. Because mere hours after releasing the previous one, here is yet another Opera snapshot (YAOS) for testing!

For Mac, we have fixed a significant SVG drawing/animation regression from Peregrine, and optimized the start-up sequence to make it faster. Two crashers introduced with Opera 10.60 Alpha 1 have also been fixed.

For FreeBSD and Linux, we have numerous font fixes, improvements to X11 mode, and the KDE file selector freeze is fixed.

Known issues

  • The User Agent states two different Presto versions
  • Icon replacements for internal pages are stretched in the tab hover previews
  • Web fonts not working on Mac
  • Java is not working on FreeBSD/Linux
  • IME is not working on FreeBSD/Linux

WARNING: This is a development snapshot of Opera. It is released for testing purposes, and there may be serious bugs and unfinished features.