January 2nd, 2012

Noticeboard 2.X is a Joomla! 1.7 extension, which is used to create and display notices. A notice is a brief snippet of text or an image which can be used as an announcement, breaking news or a simple image rotator.

This extension includes a component and module. The component manages notices and the module displays them.

Noticeboard component 2.0 saves and maintain notices. You can include images and links in your notices if your content editor supports it.

Noticeboard module 2.0 displays notices created through the noticeboard component. There are number of module parameters to change the look and feel.

Basic Options – ‘Show Notice Title’, ‘Width’, ‘Height’, ‘Text’, ‘Align’, ‘Border Style’, ‘Border Color’ and ‘Border Size’.
Advanced Options – ‘Speed’, ‘Delay’, ‘Category’ and ‘Effect ( Blind, Bounce, Clip, Drop, Explode, Fade, Fold, Highlight, Puff, Pulsate, Scale, Shake, Size, Slide)’.

You can duplicate the module to display notices for different categories in a single page.

Please note that this is not an upgrade to Noticeboard 1.4 for Joomla!.