August 15th, 2013

NotifyArticleSubmitThe extension sends emails when someone adds/modifies an article at your Joomla web-site. Sending of emails can be restricted by categories, article ids, user groups, particular users. You can turn of email sending for modification done by a particular user or user groups. Or vice versa, enable notification only for particular articles, users or user groups.

The notification email may optionally contain:
author/modifier name, date, article title, intro and/or full text HTML or overview (HTML is converted to text), previous article versions in several formats (may be used for content versioning), diff information in several formats and so on.

The email may contain links to view articles and to edit articles (one must be logged in to follow such links successfully).

When is it needed?

Here are some situation when NotifyArticleSubmit can be usefull

* You are a web-site creator and your clients manage articles themselves at a web-site created by you. Very often clients make many mistakes till they learn like giving wrong titles, assigning to wrong sections and so on. So you may want to controll what they add to correct them in time. Each time an article is added you are informed via email and may check it.
* You allow users to add articles from frontend and want to be informed (or inform your stuff), when someone adds an article.
* You want to inform a certain group of users or all users about new articles published at your web-site (be carefull of mass mailing issues in this case).

What it does not do

Currently it doesn’t handle other actions except Publish and Unpublish. This means that Archiving and Trashing articles are not handled by the plugin. But is it really needed?
Users cannot subscribe/unsubscribe themselves
Works only for com_content yet