NST Complete Google Analytics tracker

October 4th, 2013

NST Complete Google Analytics trackerQuickly set up Google Analytics in both Universal and Classic tracker profiles. Plugin enables to run both at the same time in non-blocking asynchronous mode with advanced Google API configuration options for more user-action oriented data collection.

No template modification necessary, just activate this plugin and enter your Google Analytics property ID. Statistics are reported back immediately, they start up showing in a few hours time as Google makes them available.

Subdomain tracking can be easily activated in the basic options.

After you get accustomed to Google Analytics, you can start tweaking the collection with our advanced options, which enable you to work deeper into the data and get more actionable statistics reports.

Advanced Analytics users can quickly set up in-depth collection, user-action events reporting and Joomla users tracking, which then can be used in Analytics profiles and segments.

All options are based on the official Google Analytics API (

Our implementation can run both API versions at the same time – ga.js (Classic Analytics) and the newer analytics.js (Universal Analytics).
There are slight differences and not all Classic calls have been made available for Universal Analytics by Google.

Fast Asynchronous non-blocking javascript inclusion is used, so there is no impact at page load times and statistics and/or actions are recorded even before the calls are completed for later processing.