NST Order2Mail for VirtueMart

October 14th, 2013

NST Order2Mail for VirtueMartVersion 1.4.1 includes bugfixes new replacements

Automatically notify back-end users or external e-mails upon any order status change. Like notifying staff, shipping providers or vendor departments if order matches ruleset chain for category, country, timezone and more.

Some of the wide variety of usage scenarios Order2Mail can be used for:

If you don’t want your employees/partners to see complete order details (price, customer address, etc.) but only specified data
Different shippers that need to get notified with certain order details
Multilingual store with separate representative dealing with certain language
Monitoring of high-value or otherwise suspicious orders
Monitoring back-end order state changes for further review
Follow-up campaign handled by external partner

Define separate order details for each rule so that recipients only receive what they need
Unlimited number of notification rules allows to set up for complicated business scenarios
Broad criteria to fine tune if e-mail gets sent
Can track user front-end and/or admin back-end order status changes
E-mail templates support with replacements (e.g. orderTotal) support

Available notification criteria:
billing countries
order currencies
order total
shipment methods
payment methods
time of day

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