Nurte Content Tracker

July 17th, 2011

The module that displays Nurte Content Tracker (NCT) on your Joomla site. NCT is based on Bing Search Engine. NCT checks how many times a particular query was found on the Internet. This information is gathered by NCT daily and stored in the database. To create and manage your queries visit the Nurte Content Tracker web page.

NCT report shows:

– a number of results through the period of time.
– new instances of content (news).
– latest results.


– idquery: The ID of the Nurte Content Tracker query ID. Through the Nurte Content Tracker API, only public queries are available.
– width: The width of the module in pixels.
– height: The height of the module in pixels.
– frame border: To show the border around the module.
– header: Set to ‘No’ to disable header. The header shows the basic information about the query.
– chart: Set to ‘No’ to disable chart tab. The chart shows the number of query results through the period of time.
– news: Set to ‘No’ to disable the news tab. The news tab shows the new instances of content.
– results: Set to ‘No’ to disable results tab. The results tab shows the latest query results.