Obscure Your Links

December 15th, 2013

Obscure Your LinksOYL – Obscure Your Links

With this plugin you may obscure internal and external links. There are two obfuscation methods: manual and automatic redirections. With the manual method you can manually obscure certain links. The linking is done via a self-selected alias. In the automatic method, all links by a specific domain are completely obscured and automatically redirected via an additional script.

Manual Redirection

Using the settings of the plugin you may define the desired alias and the real link. For each forwarding you must use a new line.

Syntax [ALIAS][PIPE Symbol][Forwarding to URL]



(** = tt)

You may set a link with desired options (new window, nofollow-attribute, title) to an alias. If this alias link is called, OYL will automatically forward to the defined site.

There are two ways of linking. If you select the query method, then you can use the aliases with the query function call (h**p:// The query string is by default oyl, but can be set individually. This option has to be selected if mod_rewrite (.htaccess) is not used. If mod-rewrite (.htaccess) is enabled, then the aliases can also be directly addressed: h**p:// (no question mark). Therefore, the query method has to be disabled.

In the example above the plugin would forward the link h**p:// (with query method: h**p:// to h**p:// and so on.

Automatic redirection

With this method links to specific domains are obscured automatically. The Blowfish algorithm is used for the obfuscation.

Syntax [DOMAIN]


If you now set any link to one of the specified domains, it is obscured and automatically redirected via an additional script. You also can use the list as a white list (all external links are obscured except of the list entries).

The security token is needed for the Blowfish algorithm and is a required field. You don’t have to remember the token.

It can’t be easier to obscure your links!


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The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support: