ODude Profile

October 16th, 2013

ODude ProfileIn addition of private messaging, unlimited photo gallery, friend invite, point system, login as any user, Facebook meta tags, Facebook comment, custom user field,
now any FREE & Commercial module can be placed inside ODude Profile Component to specified location.

Total new concept adopted.

This is a completely automated Web Application that allows your website to turn into public / private community based site like Facebook, Hi5, Myspace.

Unlike other community based components of Joomla it has following qualities.

* It has not touched core files of Joomla.
* Most of the Joomla’s extension based on members will work fine.
* It doesn’t require any migration or synchronization of users.
(Name, Emails & system details are imported)
* Uninstalling of the product will not loose any core registered members.
* Default Joomla Login Module.
Facebook connect is integrated.
* Default Member Registration.
* Default password reset of Joomla.
* Default User Manger at back end.
* Point system with expiry date.
* Offer list for 3rd party affiliate.

In short, It just add member capabilities with profile information and can grow up to large complex social networking site.

Many modules free and ready to use.

Change log: 2.9 to 3.0

-Fixed several bugs and removed unwanted scripts.
-Fixed last online display
-Fixed admin menu issues in joomla 2.5
-No change in database. Just overwrite files to get updated.