JSE Newsflash Scroller

November 21st, 2013

The JSE Newsflash Scroller allows you to select articles & scroll them on your site.

From version 3.1.0 you can select categories from K2 as well.

This module is the alternative of Joomla’s Newsflash module. With this module you can select a category or Section of articles to scroll. We add many options for you to choose whether or not to display title, introduction text, author… The module enables you to control article’s style such as text weight of title and content. Especially, we added the Scrolling effect for your Newsflash. This is a professional scrolling function that is capable of scrolling any HTML content including text and images. And Styling, Sizing, Scroll Speed all are customizable by setting the values of a series of parameters.


+ Stable: this module is written with MooTools, Joomla’s standard Javascript framework, so it’s very compatible and stable.
+ Flexible Styling: you could choose the content style of articles. You could also setup a background image for this module. Of course, the style of scroll action is controllable too.
+ Easy to use: the entire configuration is well grouped and ordered.