On a roll: Opera 10.51 for Windows released

March 22nd, 2010

Opera 10.51 (build 3315) for Windows has been released.

Now even faster than before!

For example, Peacekeeper can be up to 20-30% faster than in Opera 10.50 (in fact, Opera 10.51 is currently listed as being part of the fastest system at Peacekeeper). Read more about the performance improvements at Choose Opera and the Opera Developer Network (you can also read about how Google’s tests show that Opera has the most compliant JavaScript engine).

This release also addresses a couple of security issues, as well as various stability improvements and other bug fixes. Please see the changelog for more details.

Opera 10.51 final is a Windows-only release, but we are working hard on bringing the Mac and Unix versions to product quality. The build is the same as RC3.

As this is a security release, it will be available as an automatic update for Opera 10.50 and older versions that support automatic updates.